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Our Pre-Need Counselors

Kenny Reynolds

Kenny Reynolds was born and raised in Wichita Falls and heads up the pre-need insurance department at Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home. He brings to the table 16 years in the insurance business, 19 years experience in pre-arranging and pre-planning funerals, two years as the district sales manager for Funeral Directors Life Insurance Corporation and three years as the regional manager for FDLIC.

Kenny has helped over six thousand families and their loved ones plan funerals in the Wichita Falls area and generated more than $27 million dollars pre-need services. Kenny is a compassionate individual who considers it an honor and privilege to assist individuals in planning for their funerals. His past and present experience with Funeral Director’s Life Insurance Corporation guarantees that a funeral plan purchased at today’s prices will be honored in the future at no additional cost to the consumer. FDLIC is one of the largest and most secure funeral insurance companies in the United States.

Reynolds formally began the pre-need department at Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home in 2012 and says, “Without a doubt, the Lunn’s family of funeral homes is the most professionally run I’ve ever been associated with.” He added, “I have seen and been a part of many different funeral homes in Texas and this one has been operated for over 100 years by the same family. That really says something.”

Kenny has been married to his wife Phyllis for 22 years, and they have seven grandchildren and two great-grand children. Kenny also served this country in the military and is a Vietnam veteran.

Please contact Kenny for your funeral planning needs.


Sammy Milam

Sammy Milam is a lifelong resident of Wichita Falls and is one of the two pre-need counselors on staff at Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home. He joined Lunn’s after a 33 year career with the Texas Department of Transportation, 16 years in sales throughout Texas and two years of selling pre-need funerals right here in Wichita Falls. Sammy’s expertise in management and sales give him a unique insight into the needs of assisting people when it comes to arranging a funeral for themselves or a loved one.

No matter what your situation in life, Sammy can plan the right funeral for you, so that your surviving family members will not be burdened with making decisions in their time of grief. Those family members will also rest assured that your choices will be followed exactly as you had planned. Your investment is protected through Funeral Director’s Life Insurance Corporation, one of the largest and most secure funeral insurance companies in the state of Texas. Remember, planning your funeral through Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home and the experts in our pre-need department will assure the choices you make today will be covered at tomorrow’s prices.

Please contact Sammy for help in pre-planning your funeral needs.